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starring Beth Grant

David Steen, Debby Holiday with Dale Dickey

and Octavia Spencer

Blues For Willadean


Blues For Willadean is the film adaptation of Del Shores' NAACP Award-winning play, The Trials and Tribulations of a Trailer Trash Housewife.  Blues For Willadean explores the hidden emotions, shame, and secrecy of battered women, while also offering hope, healing and truth.  A delicate blend of frightened humor and pain, it delves right into the heart of abuse from all sides – the abuser, the abused, and the powerless bystander.  It is the story of Willadean Winkler, the wife of a blue collar truck driver, as she attempts to escape the abusive prison he has built for her.  With the help of her only friend, LaSonia, who lives in the trailer next door and the musical encouragement of the specter of a mystical Blues Singer, Willadean fights to break the cycle of the sick dance between the abuser and the abused.

The film won the 2012 Birmingham SHOUT Film Festival Audience Award and has been screened with domestic abuse organizations and women's groups to facilitate conversations shedding light on the difficulties of acknowledging and addressing domestic violence.

Now available for purchase here.

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