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Emerson regularly hosts and makes appearances in a number of capacities.  He hosts and emcees for live events from film festivals to charity events to PRIDE.  He teaches workshops on independent filmmaking and crowdfunding.  He also speaks and participates as a panelist on independent filmmaking, acting, crowdfunding and LGBTQ representation in media.

If you or your organization are interested in Emerson as an event emcee, panelist, workshop or personal appearance, complete the booking form on the contact page HERE.

Emerson Hosting & Appearances                 Podcast Appearances

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February 24 - Virtual Appearance - 25 Years of RENT, New York Theatre Workshop Livestream

March 3 - Virtual Appearance - Scripts Gone Wild, reading of Johnny Guitar to benefit Women Make Movies

June 27 - Watch What Happens Live - The People's Couch reunion on BRAVO

August 11 - Virtual Reading - The Birdcage to benefit Three Dollar Bill Cinema

September 24-October 3 - A Very Sordid Wedding - World Premiere stage adaptation of the film with Uptown Players in Dallas.


February 7 - March 8, Los Angeles, CA - The $5 Shakespeare CompanyWorld premiere play running February 7-March 8

May 29 - Virtual Appearance - SMFA Summit Panelist and Speaker on Producing

May 31 - Virtual Appearance - The Del Shores Foundation Sordid Livestream Benefit - producer, host, actor

June 5 - Virtual Appearance - Desert AIDS Project Voices Of Hope concert - performer

Virtual Appearance - Gurl Friday with Alec Mapa COVID-19 Nurses fundraiser appearance

August 1 - Virtual Appearance - Public Theatre of San Antonio

I Dreamed a Dreamgirl Cabaret show with Blake McIver

August 21 - Virtual Appearance - Founder Awards - Public Theatre of San Antonio

October 3 - Virtual Appearance - Del Shores: the Sh*t Stirrer - producer, host

October 25 - Virtual Appearance - Once Upon A Lockdown - Cabaret Show with Blake McIver

December 20 - Virtual Appearance - Have Yourself A Merry Little Lockdown - Cabaret Show with Blake McIver


Taipei, Taiwan - Taiwan International Queer Film Festival

A Very Sordid Wedding opening night film, Southern Bapist Sissies screening; panelist on Religion & Sexuality

Los Angeles, CA - The 6th Act - Reading of The Glass Menagerie starring with Dale Dickey

Los Angeles, CA - Scripts Gone Wild

Benefit Reading of Mrs. Doubtfire

Los Angeles, CA - Ammo Theatre Company

FairyTale Theatre - stage play

Los Angeles, CA - Rockwell Table & Stage

Host and emcee for A Star Is Born^3

Los Angeles, CA - Queer Cabaret performance - Tramp Stamp Grannies

FOX - TV broadcast - RENT LIVE


Dallas, TX - Teaching audition, acting, film production & career consultation workshops


Palm Springs, CA - Emcee - A Very Sordid New Year's Eve

Winnipeg, MB - Screening host

Palm Springs, CA - Show host

Albuquerque, NM - Film Festival appearance

Seattle, WA - Film Festival appearance

Roanoke, VA - PRIDE host and emcee

Houston, TX - Film Festival appearance

Rochester, NY - Film Festival appearance

Winston-Salem, NC - Film Production panelist

Knoxville, TN - Benefit host

Columbus, OH - Theatre Company Benefit

Washington, D.C. - Screening Host and moderator

New York City - Film Festival appearance

Asbury Park, NJ - LGBT Center Benefit appearance

Memphis, TN - Film Festival appearance

Indianapolis, IN - Film Festival appearance

Chicago, IL - LGBT Center screening host

Portland, OR - Screening host and moderator

Walla Walla, WA - Screening host and moderator

Shreveport, LA - Film Festival panelist

San Francisco, CA - Screening host and moderator

Los Angeles, CA - Screening host

Little Rock, AR - Theatre benefit appearance 

New Orleans, LA - Screening host

New Orleans, LA - Club guest host

Denver, CO - Screening host and moderator

Los Angeles, CA - Screening host and moderator

Durham, NC - Film Festival appearance

Provincetown, MA - Family Equality Council Benefit Host

Dallas, TX - Church benefit screening appearance

Tyler, TX - Screening host and moderator

Kansas City, MO - Screening host and moderator

Winston-Salem, NC - Film Festival appearance

Charlotte, NC - Charity benefit host

Atlanta, GA - Film Festival appearance

Atlanta, GA - Charity benefit appearance

Pensacola, FL - Charity benefit appearance

St. Petersburg, FL - PRIDE appearance

Tampa, FL - Film Festival appearance, PRID parade

Lexington, KY - PRIDE appearance

Fort Worth, TX - Film Festival appearance

Nashville, TN - Screening host and moderator

San Diego, CA - Film Festival appearance

Toronto, Canada - Film Festival appearance

Dallas, TX - Screening host

Birmingham, AL - Screening host and moderator

Laguna Niguel, CA - Screening appearance

Ft. Lauderdale, FL - Screening host

Tulsa, OK - Screening moderator

Dallas, TX - Screening host and moderator

Austin, TX - Film Festival panelist

Waco, TX - Screening host

San Antonio, TX - Theatre benefit host

Palm Springs, CA - Premiere weekend coordinator & host

Good Christian Fun

"Psalty the Singing Songbook"

and spirituality and sexuality


Hot Takes & Deep Dives

Below Deck, VPR

RHONY, RHOBH & more!

Reality Life.jpeg

Reality Life

The People's Couch &

RuPaul's Drag Race

Danny Pelligrino.jpg

Everything Iconic

Lohan's Beach Club Recap

Hot Takes & Deep Dives

Long Island Princesses

Full season rewatch


GayTalk 2.0 Dives

Politics & more!

It's Complicated.jpg

It's Complicated


& saying yes!

Adderall and Compliments.jpg

Adderall & Compliments

Rent on Fox & more

Emerson's Radio Show

Emerson and writer/director Del Shores hosted The Del & Emerson Show, the number one show on the UBN Radio network from2014-2016. Del and Emerson are both known for their politically incorrect humor and incisive commentary, and The Del & Emerson Show was designed to provoke, engage and entertain listeners on pop culture, politics, entertainment and the sordid stories that are capturing the nation’s attention each week. 

The Del & Emerson Show has a strong LGBT focus and includes interviews with artists, musicians and culturally important figures as well as ongoing segments including "Flashing Through the Gay News," "Checking In With Crazy," "What's Gay in Sportsball?" and more!


The #1 SHOW


for its entire run!

Download previous episodes 



Watch the recorded webcasts



Con Artist.jpeg

What Else Is Going On?

So much BRAVO, and race


The Con Artist

Imposter Syndrome

Acting & Producing



Faith & Sexuality

Reailty Reading Rainbow

All things BRAVO

RHONY & more


Lost Spaces

Emerson's first terrible trips to the gay bar in Dallas


Andy's Girls

Housewives and more

with the OG Bravo podcast


Dumpster Dive

All things Bravo


Dumb Gay Politics

with Blake, Scott

Julie & Brandy

After Deck

All things Below Deck

with Kate Chastain

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