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Emerson Collins Contributing Writer

Emerson wrote as a regular contributor on LGBT issues for the Viewpoints/Lifestyle section of the Dallas Voice for several years.  He initiated discussion by choosing subjects that are challenging to encourage intelligent debate when there are not simple answers.  He believes it is important to be able to explore difficult issues with a goal of engaging toward understanding rather than screaming monologues at each other on the internet.  A few representative examples are in the direct links below.
Gay PRIDE and Prejudice
Considering the stereotypes and benefits of Pride
The Transgender Bargaining Chip
Exploring the community's treatement of trans issues
Why I Love Drag Queens
How I found my own pride watching drag

For the complete archive of Emerson's writing

for the Dallas Voice click here.

.We Like Our Hot Guys Stupid

What our preconceptions say about us

Going Homo For The Holidays

Balancing Your Needs With Family Expectations

Do You Have To Be Soooo Gay?

Exploring the performance of masculinity and sexuality

Emerson's Personal Blog

When not writing for official outlets, Emerson shares his musings on subjects serious and trivial through his own blog entitled "It Seems To Me..."  He shares stories, random thoughts and brings up issues he finds worth discussing in the common marketplace of ideas.  The point is to start a conversation and engage in thoughtful debate on subjects that are difficult and require nuanced discussion and active and open-minded listening.  Sometimes he is even successful.  The links to the right are to a few that garnered more notable attention.



Peruse the archives here:

It Seems To Me...

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